Hats updated to 3.0.1

– Name the Hats Reader Thread for easier identification.
– Tweak hat positions on Zombies, Wolves and Slimes.
– Fixed CME crash when the Hats Reader Thread completes after the Server loads due to slow hard drives/downloading.

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  1. Jack July 11, 2014 12:32 pm  Reply

    Hey iChun. Since Halloween’s coming up, I have a mod suggestion. How does a Ghostbusters mod sound?
    Ideas: (WARNING: I have a TON)
    Create your own ghosts with different models and create skins for them both in-game and outside of the game
    Drivable Ecto-1
    Working PKE meter
    Working ghost trap
    Working proton gun + proton pack visible on back if equipped
    Passive and hostile mobs become ghosts one day after they’re killed
    Ghosts slime you
    Working Ecto-Goggles
    Seperate armor slots for goggles, proton pack
    Different PKE meters (Movie, Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters)
    Different ghost traps (Movie, Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters)
    Different proton packs (well, y’know)
    Ecto-1 passenger seats
    Optional Super Slammer Muon Trap for Ecto-1
    Create your own Ectomobile (car, truck, or van)
    Ghostbuster NPCs to help you out (split up, stay close, yelling out for help, cross the streams when necessary) and for fun cross streams with one of them
    Tan or multicolored jumpsuits
    Toggle slow motion
    Equipment storage for Ecto-1/custom Ectomobile
    Containment Unit to put in your house
    Pre-made Ghostbusters HQ buildings with EVERYTHING
    Premade towns/cities + telephones + NPCs to call your squad when they have ghosts
    Receptionist NPC (fully custom)
    Full multiplayer compatibility to cooperate or compete
    Have more than one team of Ghostbusters
    Compatible with Custom NPCs mod, set things like CanBeTrapped and DetectedByPKEMeter and VulnerableToStreams
    Anything else

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