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Bug Reports

Just an FYI, I don’t read my forum pages on MCF anymore. Any bug reports you have for my mods need to be informed to me directly or anyone who can contact me easily via Twitter, IRC or whenever I do my livestreams.


PS: I don’t add people whom I don’t know on Steam. (Sorry)


Yep. 1.6 sucked, but those mods (in the title) are finally updated.

Lemme brief you guys about the version changes.

The version of the mod is defined by A.B.C, for example, 1.2.5, where 1 represents A, 2 represents B and 5 represents C.

From now on, for my mods:

A represents the Minecraft version the mod was made for. This means it increases every new major Minecraft update. This affects all my mods and is global. The value for 1.6.x is 2.

B represents major mod version. This increases every time there is a major change in the way the mod works which will break saves (even across Minecraft versions).

C represents minor mod version. This increases every time there is a minor change, aka a bug fix etc, and will not break saves.

For all my mods, the version number has been reset to 2.0.0.





Introducing the Tank Rush! Mutation

You can get it here!

I’ve been working on a Custom Mutation for Left 4 Dead 2 which makes use of the new EMS it has introduced.

Basically you fight endless numbers of tanks. Your team uses an M60 with infinite ammo.

Kill a tank and heal your entire team.

In the finale you fight 20 tanks for two waves before the rescue arrives.



I’m not moving to L4D2 modding if you’re wondering, this was initially a plugin I had modified for SourceMod which I had played with some friends a long time ago, before I got involved in Minecraft. However, SourceMod is no longer stable for  local (listen) servers, so I decided to port the plugin as a mutation instead and release it to the public.

And that’s it. Hope you enjoy the mutation if you have L4D2!