Mod Packs

If questioned for Mod Pack permissions, link back to this page.

My definition of “Mod Packs”: A pack containing mod(s) [in compiled form] for easy install, which may or may not include configs. I do not consider a “Mod pack” of which points people to download links to be in this category. Basically, if you include the class executable files in the pack/archive, its a mod pack.

These are my permissions for Public Mod Packs. If you are sharing a Mod Pack in a small private community (no open download link), feel free to include Portal Gun and Gravity Gun.


For all my mods, with exceptions of Portal Gun and Gravity Gun:

You are allowed to include the mods in any mod pack, as long as you provide the necessary credit. My name and a link to this blog or the mod page on CurseForge (if this blog is unavailable) is fine.


For the mods Portal Gun and Gravity Gun:

If the intended version of the mod is for Minecraft 1.8 or later, these mods are permitted to be in mod packs which are only on CurseForge, unless explicit permission has been given from me. Config packs (where only the mod configs are included) and packs for Minecraft 1.7.10 or earlier are fine.


Last Updated: 5:15am UTC+0, 30th July 2018.

Any enquiries, feel free to drop me a PM on CurseForge, though I may not respond immediately (unless you know of faster ways to reach me). Do note that the content of this page is FINAL. If you have to ask, you probably need to read it again.

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