If you are having issues with any of the mods posted here, please DO NOT comment on its page! I will not be checking the comments for those pages so you WILL NOT receive support!


Instead, get an IRC client and drop by #FTB on You’ll get the best support there for mods and mod conflicts alike. If the issue is specific to my mods, you can also go to GitHub and check my repositories, your issue may already be solved. Feel free to also read the FAQ on this site in case your issue was answered there.


If it is really necessary for you to contact me, perhaps because it is unrelated to mods, etc, please drop by #iChun on That by far is the FASTEST way to find me, next would be to drop me a Tweet on Twitter but I may miss them sometimes so give me some time to reply.


You can also try sending me a PM on the Minecraft Forums or Planet Minecraft, but it would be less likely for you to get a reply.

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