Q: So if I disable a part of the mod, that part won’t take up block/item IDs?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you make this mod compatible with MCPatcher or some other mod installer?
A: No idea

Q: Can you make an installer for this mod?
A: Refer Q&A above.

Q: Can I add this mod into a mod pack?
A: Sorry, but I do not allow this mod in mod packs, other than AMCO by Arrrg (Now by Kenny) and FTB modpack by Slowpoke.

Q: Oh! Can you add cores, Glados, etc etc to the mod?
A: I do not accept suggestions unless they are for something which is already in the mod. Period.

Q: You ask me for a crash report, but how do I get one?
A: Use MCError by medsouz and riking from here – https://bit.ly/t154lG

Q: I’m getting this crash! java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot XXX is already occupied by <someothermodblock>@7fd0e77e when adding Portal_Block<something>@6c0e42c0
A: Change the block ID that the mod uses in the properties file to an unused block ID and all would be fine.

Q: Can I make a portal map that uses this mod?
A: Sure, feel free to make your maps as long as you credit my mod and link them back here and you do not include the mod download in the map. Feel free to use the world properties file to edit any properties you want to change. Also, if you want to make the map public, DO NOT post it in this topic. Post them here.

Q: What is PortalGun_world.properties in the world save folder for?
A: As some people have made their own Portal puzzle maps, some of them did not like the default settings that comes with the mod, or perhaps settings which others may have set. This file will let the map maker adjust the mod’s settings to their liking to fit the map. For the file to take effect, worldOverride in the PortalGun_world.properties file has to be set to 1.

Q: Why is the PortalGun_server.properties so empty? The client one is full of different stuff!!
A: Most of them have been moved to the PortalGun_world.properties file in the server’s world save folder. Some others just have no use on the server.

Q: I don’t seem to have sound! What’s the problem?
A: The mod downloads sound files from a server now when you start minecraft. Either you don’t have an internet connection or the server is down, or it hasn’t finished downloading the files.

Q: Can I beta test your mod?
A: No. Don’t PM me asking either, answer will still be no.

Q: My portals are see through but they are buggy/square like this!
A: Several cards may not support the processes done by see through portals very well. There is no fix I can provide. The best advice I can give is to update your graphics card drivers and hope for the best. HOWEVER, I am not liable for any damage you do to your computer during this process.

Q: I can’t see through portals no matter what setting I put!
A: There are certain video cards which do not support the function which is being used to allow see through portals. These cards are normally Intel cards and they are not compatible with see through portals. The best advice I can give is to update your graphics card drivers and hope for the best. HOWEVER, I am not liable for any damage you do to your computer during this process.

Q: If so (refer Q&A above), why is it that when I shoot a portal on the moon I can see the Earth on it?
A: This is because the picture of the Earth is merely a static image. It doesn’t take a lot of resources to render the extra layer rather than updating portals to make them see through. Also it would be a better indicator to stay away from the portal rather than just notice the smoke trails.

Q: Why don’t my lasers actually have a laser??
A: You’re probably using Optifine. There’s some unknown issues about this which I’ve been unable to locate the cause of, so please ask sp614x about it. However I have heard that sp614x has fixed this.

Q: Do single player maps work on the server???
A: They should, I see no reason that they wouldn’t. Take note that the server loads mod_PortalGun_world.properties regardless if worldOverride in that file is set to 1 or not.

Q: Is forge compatible with ModLoader/ModLoaderMp?
A: No. They are not compatible, and are not required.

Q: I’m getting this crash! cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: portalgun.common.PortalGun. What’s wrong?

A: You no longer have to extract the zip file when installing.
Q: I’m getting this crash! java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Number of remaining buffer elements is 1024, must be at least 4096. What’s wrong?
A: This is related to the HD Patcher that you may be using. It is related to an animated texture not being large enough. Delete tx_fizzler.png from the /mods/portalgun/portalgun/ folder and it should be fixed, though your fizzler will not be animated.

Q: When I use MCPatcher and use a texture pack above x16 I crash! What’s going on??
A: Refer Q&A above.

Q: Whenever I use a HD texture my game crashes, but works fine if I use the default texture pack! What’s going on??
A: Refer Q&A above.

Q: I’m having issues with Minecraft Forge! Can you please make it so that it doesn’t use it?
A: Sorry, but no, the mod now uses a couple of APIs that Forge provides that makes the gaming experience much better, and gives me more freedom of how the mod works.


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