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iChunUtil – 4.2.3
– Remove TheInfection from iChunUtil. It will be rewritten and readded properly in the future.

Morph – 0.9.3
– Fix hostileMode capping at 4, making option 5 unselectable
– Add /morph morph [player name] <entity name> command

Sync – 4.0.1
– Fix endless resync when dying to void damage/20+ damage in 6 seconds.
– Added config to reduce max health every death sync.

This will be the final updates to my mods for 1.7.10. All other mod updates/releases will be for 1.10.2 onwards.

– Updated localization files.
– Ported to 1.7.10

– Now uses Access Transformers. Reflection reduced by a boatload!
– Updated localization files.
– Updated for use in 1.7.10 with workaround/helpers for skins.
– Added a clientside aesthetics feature for Patrons on Patreon.
– Fixed a keybinding issue with Minecraft keybinds.

– Mob hats now persist across world reloads/server restarts.
– Fixed minor render issue with morph compatibility
– Bats now can wear hats.

– Fixed issues with player size not being set properly while morphing, as well as an array of other potentially major issues discovered by this fix.
– Fixed health being set mid-morph if the player dies while morphing, causing the player to get stuck in the death animation.
– Fixed abilities not working while offline.
– Fixed a keybinding issue with iChunUtil and Minecraft keybinds.
– Added a new hostile mode where mobs will only attack you if you attack them first.
– Added several events for use of other mods.

– Fixed a keybinding issue with iChunUtil and Minecraft keybinds.

– Tweak /pip remove to autocomplete to the pip entries, not the players list.
– Individual selection can now be done by holding the toggle and using the mouse wheel while PiP is active, instead of having to retoggle PiP.

– Fixed issues with Streak on invisible players.
– Fixed issues with multiple streaks on one player.
– Fixed issues with Streaks and morph.
– Fixed issues with Streaks and teleportation.

– Update CoFHCore API.


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– Now requires iChunUtil 3.3.0 or later.
– Fixed some synching instances to the End.
– Fixed player taking in ground damage when ending sync.
– Fixed players not dying if the the storage unit they’re synching into is destroyed mid sync.
– Fixed spam of packets if the player opens a GUI mid-sync.
– Fixed player interaction/pickup/damage being disabled (being in a limbo state) after a shell death where the storage unit is destroyed.


Hotfix: Fixed crash with clients which do not have CoFHCore installed.

Once again you folks can thanks Kihira for this update. This will be the final update for Minecraft 1.6.


  1. Disallow fake players to use constructor
  2. Fix a bunch of NPE’s
  3. Fix ghost blocks in some cases
  4. Fix issue where sometimes players may get stuck in “limbo”
  5. Prevent item dupe whilst syncing
  6. Allows objects to be placed on the top, bottom and back of storage

Once again, this changelog and update was done with the help of KihiraGo check her out and maybe drop a thank you!

Bug Fixes
– Fix issue where players can’t pickup items after sync until server restart
– Fix issue with chunkloading when storage power requirement is enabled
– Fix issue where fire wasn’t being removed properly on sync
– Fix issue where player could take damage whilst syncing
– Don’t allow players to be registered as a treadmill entity ಠ_ಠ

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This changelog and update was only possible with the help of Kihira! Go check her out and maybe drop a thank you!

Bug Fixes
– Persistant Player data should now transfer across shells (this makes it so ThaumCraft research and AM2 spells now transfer!)
– Ender chest data should now sync
– Lots of fixes for when players log out/in mid-sync. Should be no more shell duping!
– You no longer take fall damage when syncing to a shell below you
– You can no longer die mid-sync. Should fix the “double death” issues
– You should no longer sometimes become invulnerable after syncing
– Players in Morph now render properly when looking at an empty shell storage
– When shells are constructed with RF power, they now show their progress
– Potion effects now transfer properly (Invisibilty not always working is a vanilla issue)
– Chunkloading should now be A LOT better. Should fix issues with having too many constructors/shells across a large area
– Constructors only eat power if there is something to build
– Insta-building a shell in creative now works properly.

Balance Changes
– Constructors now can only take a maximum of 24 RF/t

New Features
– Optional WAILA support. Will now provide useful details if you have WAILA installed.
– Optional power requirement for shell storage. Default is off but in case you feel like it needs a bit more balancing.
– Mods can now add entities that can work on the treadmill via IMC. See README for details

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Hats 2.1.0

Final commit for this build.

– Rewrote most of the hat rendering code. Now a lot less broken and easier to manipulate. Should remove all cases of crotch hats!
– Rewrote most of the mob hat handling code. It’s now a lot easier to add mob-hats!
– Added an API for mods to add their own mob-hat handlers or to render hats where they’d like (I’m looking at you, ComputerCraft)
– Added several new Hat Modes, Locked Hat mode, King of the Hat mode, and Time Active mode.
– Added Hat Trading! Allows trading of Hats and Items between players. Check out the bottom left of the Hats Gui.
– Added config option to remove player first join messages.
– Added over 40 new hats! With special categories for Hats by Mooshroom and Mr_Hazard!
– Slimes, Wolves, Ocelots, Horses and Withers now can wear hats.
– Hats GUI now attempts to rescale the player if the player size is larger than normal (Eg: Morph)
– Full Morph rendering compatibility (Requires Morph 0.6.0 and later. This version of Hats will not work with Morph 0.5.0 and older.)
– Fixed being unable to remove a hat in Hat Hunting mode.
– Fixed dead Hat Contributors link in previous versions of Hats.
– Full localization support, with many translations already included in the mod.
– Decreased server-tick time by removing getHealth checks
– Hat Stands updated to 2.1.0 to match Hats.


Morph 0.6.0

Final commit for his build.

– Updated with latest ModMobSupport.json for Local Mod Mob Ability Mappings.
– Fixed sunburn ability not shown on mobs that do take damage from it.
– Fixed disabling early game flight config not actually working.
– Fixed rendering of player morphs being see-through sometimes.
– Fixed typo causing the fallNegate ability icon to render incorrectly.
– Fixed swim speed amplifier causing uncontrollable speed by capping a max.
– Fixed climb ability not reseting fall distance while climbing.
– Fixed falling to your doom if you logged out mid-flight in survival.
– Fixed favourite morphs not saving.
– Fixed player’s size resetting after sleeping while morphed.
– Fixed improper scaling of model, thanks Hats mod.
– Fixed rendering issues with abilities if Mob has more than 3 abilities registered but only 3 active.
– Fixed improper bounding box locations in the clientside onUpdate causing infinite flying animation.
– Full localization support, with many translations already included in the mod.
– Hiding of the crosshair is now event driven. Should prevent issues with the crosshair staying permanently hidden.
– Fixed rendering of mobs in the Morph Gui still showing up in the world if the player is hiding the Minecraft Gui.
– Save all player info when you log out. Should fix desync issues due to a quick relog.
– Added config to reorder Morphs based off last used since connecting to the server,
– Added new API functions which are used in the new Hats and Sync mods.
– Added config to disable early game flight until a Wither is killed.
– Added crosshair render as a config to indicate which mob is selected in the Morph radial menu.
– Added stencil bit reservation when rendering to be more friendly to other mods which use stencils.


Sync 2.1.0

Final commit for his build.

– Full localization support, with many translations already included in the mod.
– Hiding of the crosshair is now event driven. Should prevent issues with the crosshair staying permanently hidden.
– Fixed issues with Shells in Storage rendering invisible if Morph is installed and the player is Morphed. This requires Morph 0.6.0 and later.
– Fixed using up the name tag if you’re naming a shell storage the exact same thing.
– Fixed issues with resynching into a broken shell storage if you died from it breaking in the first place.
– Fixed desynching of mobs running on treadmills causing some mobs to just seemingly stand on the treadmill instead of running.
– Attempted fix at unsynched Thaumcraft research, Ars Magica states and ender chest states when the player dies due to outdated shells.
– Added stencil bit reservation when rendering to be more friendly to other mods which use stencils.
– Added a Forge dependency so people would stop crashing from old versions of Forge.
– Render Shell Storage name on the block above the entrance.
– Allow free-floating treadmills now so redstone conduits can be placed benearth them.
– Treadmills now generate Redstone Flux. Constructors also accept Redstone Flux as power. Default ratio is 2 PW : 1 RF.
– Entities on the treadmill that suddenly stop running or interrupt a mob on it will be launched backwards (like real treadmills!)
– Interacting with a mob on a treadmill will knock it off.
– You can no longer use a shell unit if you are in a morph.
– Right clicking a shell constructor again whilst in creative will instantly create the shell.
– Increase block hardness. You shouldn’t be able to break stuff that has obsidian with a fist so easily.
– Allow AE Spatial Storage support as per request from DarkTetsuo. I won’t be supporting this much at all, so if something breaks don’t bother me about it.

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ModJam 3 voting is also now open, feel free to vote your favourite mods! If you are unaware, all these mods above were ModJam mods, basically they started off from a 96 hour mod making competition. Look how far they’ve gone!

Official statement about updating my mods to 1.7, expect nothing before February.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year.