Bee Barker


Currently for Minecraft 1.10.2



  • You know how dogs sometimes eat grass when their stomachs are upset? Well, now you can feed your pet wolves flowers to have them stomach bees! If you have Forestry (untested), you could even just feed them bees right away!
  • What’s the use of this you ask? Well, in dire emergencies, you pick up your best friend and with a brisk tug of their tails, they regurgitate the bees they’ve swallowed from the flowers.
  • These bees sting so bad, they even bypass the hurt immunity when something gets hurt. Be stung enough times and you’ll wish you’d never gone near the wrong end of a pet wolf, for it’s sting is worse than it’s bark…?
  • Once it’s all calm, just drop ’em like you’d drop an item and you can have your best friend back! Just be careful though, if you didn’t exhaust their bee stock, they might let one or two go when they bark!
  • Naming a wolf “iChun” might lead to some interesting results though…


  • Acquire wolf
  • Tame wolf
  • Feed wolf flowers until yellow and black particles appear
  • Right click wolf with empty hand
  • Right click
  • ???
  • Profit!


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