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Hey there!

I can see you’re looking at my About Me page. Some of the things here may also be stated on my FAQ, though. Let’s see…


  • My nickname is iChun, occasionally prefixed with ohai- so it forms ohaiiChun. It is not Japanese-related in any way.
  • A lot of people pronounce “iChun” wrong that I’ve seen comment wars on YouTube about how it’s pronounced. Personally I don’t care, I got used to it (my real name gets mispronounced a lot as well)
  • In case you were wondering it’s pronounced “i-choon”, not “i-chan”, “i-ch-un” or “ik-khan”. Blame Myrathi for that last one.
  • Why iChun? Loooong story. It all started with a couple of jokes with some friends about certain…. products that begin with the “i” name. Someone made a remark and I decided to change my IGN to something to mock him. Fast forward to a few days later, I needed help modding and I was on IRC using Mibbit default nicks. Mr_okushama suggested I get a proper nickname and as I thought for one, I thought about the previous IGN. It stuck and I’ve been using it ever since. I used to be known as a previous alias before that, but that part’s history.

Programming Background

  • I started modding Minecraft (MC) in late February 2011, releasing my first mod in the second week of March 2011, which was PortalGun.
  • Despite contrary belief, I do not have a Computer Science (CompSci) background. Not all mc modders originate with a tech background nor are on that path right now.
  • I know Java mainly, but before Java, I did Javascript, HTML and CSS (these 3 are a bundle, so..), SourcePawn (SourceMod plugin scripting language) and Squirrel (Scripting language used by the Source engine. This was also after I started Java). Because of these backgrounds, it doesn’t take me long to learn/understand basics of a different programming language.
  • I don’t actually know how many mods I have made, but I still update them to the latest Minecraft version when I’m capable of it, unless they’ve been succeeded by another mod, ceased development, or I have plans on skipping an entire MC version.


  • In terms of actual languages spoken, English (mainly) and Malay (badly). I also understand bits of several Chinese dialects (Hokkien, Teochew, Mandarin, Cantonese).
  • I currently live in Dublin, Ireland. I originate from Malaysia. That’s the country that looks like it’s about to eat Singapore, which are both in South-East Asia.
  • I’m Chinese, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m from China. What I mean is Race: Chinese, Nationality: Malaysian.
  • I’m 1.72 meters tall. (5 feet 7 for you non-metric folks). Where I’m from, it’s considered average, not short.
  • My age is a question mark. (?)
  • My relationship status is also a question mark. (?)


  • I’m best contacted on IRC (#iChun on irc.esper.net) or Twitter (@ohaiiChun). Emails are for more private/personal matters.
  • I’m using this laptop. It’s a better PC than my most recent desktop, so I stick to this 24/7.
  • I try to connect up to 3 monitors on my main computer (I also have a MacBook Air). I claim productivity boost from more monitors as reasoning.
  • I use Google Chrome Beta since Chrome 4.0 (extensions update!)
  • I use Steam Beta since Steam Broadcasting was introduced.
  • I actually like Windows 8.1 better over Windows 7.
  • I’ve used Mac OS and Linux before, and I know how to use them (somewhat)
  • I’ve never played Zelda (shocking! :O). I have, already played Half-Life 2 though. Half-Life 3 needs to happen.
  • Favourite Games: Left 4 Dead 2, Outlast.
  • I’m an Android person. Currently using a Galaxy S4. Might be holding on to this phone for a while longer than expected
  • I have an Oculus Rift DK2. I use it occasionally. Much more than my Leap Motion anyways.


  • I like salty food.
  • I’m a dog person.
  • I have a strange sleep schedule, it progressively gets later and later each day.
  • I like coffee over tea.
  • I am a medical student currently in 1st year, studying in Dublin.
  • I do not read the comments on this site.


Updated 18 Apr 2015

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