Death Counter


Currently for Minecraft 1.11


A quick mod done at Silvey’s request.

  • This mod adds a way for the server to calculate the number of deaths a player has (since its installation).
  • It will also notify the player of the death count and ranking on the server (Configurable)
  • It can also save deaths for a single session or export deaths to a Text file.
  • Also has leaderboards!



For Ops:

/dc (or /deathcounter) leaderboard [all/user]
Omitting the 2nd argument will display the leaderboard for the op only. (For servers, display to server console only)
Setting the 2nd argument to “all” will broadcast the leaderboard serverwide.
Setting the 2nd argument to a player’s name will display the leaderboard for said player only.

/dc reset (all/user)
Resets death counts.

Eg: /dc leaderboard all

For Non-ops:

Displays the server’s leaderboard to the player.

Eg: !dc


What else do I need for this mod? What version should I get? Help? Answered on the FAQ.


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