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Hey guys,

I’m just trying to reach out for localizations again, like the last time. This time though, for the 1.7 port, I added config localization, so every mod of mine which has a config, got some new localization strings. Obviously, a lot of them aren’t translated. EDIT: If you’re planning on using Google Translate to translate them, I’d rather you not.

I have most/all the localization files on GitHub at the moment. XCompWiz has a nice guide on how to submit localizations.

Sooo yeah, links to the repositories here:

Closed Sourced Mods (Also check out the readme there)

It Fell From The Sky

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a bunch of mods properly translated to other languages, eh?



– Now requires iChunUtil 3.3.0 or later.
– Fixed some synching instances to the End.
– Fixed player taking in ground damage when ending sync.
– Fixed players not dying if the the storage unit they’re synching into is destroyed mid sync.
– Fixed spam of packets if the player opens a GUI mid-sync.
– Fixed player interaction/pickup/damage being disabled (being in a limbo state) after a shell death where the storage unit is destroyed.


Hotfix: Fixed crash with clients which do not have CoFHCore installed.

– Name the Hats Reader Thread for easier identification.
– Tweak hat positions on Zombies, Wolves and Slimes.
– Fixed CME crash when the Hats Reader Thread completes after the Server loads due to slow hard drives/downloading.

Final commit for this build.

– Now requires iChunUtil 3.3.0 or later. Uses its Config system, Keybind system, Networking system, Obfuscation helper, amongst others.
– Fixed issues with other mods when a player kills and acquires another player.
– Fixed issues with favouriting morphs.
– Fixed rendering of ability icons for mobs with more than 4 abilities.
– Fixed killing morphed players giving you the player as a morph instead of the morph as a morph. (Yes that was a bug)
– Fixed flight ability giving you massive amounts of hunger if you were teleported.
– Fixed lack of item use animation when morphed as another player.
– Fixed localizations causing duplicate morphs.
– Fixed issue with abilities not deactivating after remorphing.
– Fixed block placement and block selection issues in small morphs.
– Added sink ability. Morphs with this “ability” cannot swim upwards.
– Added potion effect ability. Morphs with this ability will inflict potion effects on others when attacking without an item.
– Added fear ability. Morphs with this ability causes other types of mobs to run away from the morph. Yes, creepers run away from you if you’re an ocelot/cat.
– Added per-player config for early flight (vs the previous serverwide config)
– Added a config to disable certain abilities by type.
– Added a config to render the actual player name over the player when they’re morphed (yes, this shows even when morphed as another player)
– Added a config to override the mob the player has to kill to unlock flight.
– instaMorph config is now disabled by default.
– Converted the player morph ability whitelist to a black/whitelist with a toggle config.
– Player size now changes while they are morphing instead of when the morph is complete. This’ll let you get into smaller gaps quicker! This can also slowly put you in a wall so be careful.
– Player’s max health and health are adjusted if the morph they are morphing into has a different hit points, with a max of 20 hit points. Damage dampening from armor is unaffected.

– Resolved/reduced conflicts with the custom hand renderer using the new event introduced in Forge.
– Configuration files and commands are now localizable.
– Morph save data is now saved with the world and the player. Therefore, morph.dat is not longer required.
– Converted the mod mob support and NBT stripper systems to use a threaded reader which reads from the github repository. Also has support for local (in the config folder) or custom-linked files.
– Mod mob support has been renamed to a more general “ability support”
– Ability mappings for Minecraft mobs are now in the ability support mappings. This means they can be overriden with custom mappings.
– Changed how AbilitySwim works, mobs with this ability which cannot breathe out of water will have increased land fog and decreased water fog. This makes it harder to see on land and a lot easier in water.
– Reduced chances of super acceleration with swim ability when in water.
– Error handling for rendering models, entity loading and ability mapping. Should fix many crashes with mod mob morphs.
– Boss mobs are no longer set to dead when killed and acquired to allow them to do their death ticks. This means you can leave the End and get it’s XP now after acquiring the Ender Dragon.
– Plugged a OpenGL memory leak whenever the player morphed or acquired a new morph.
– Updated the API with a new, favoured method to get an ability object.


Phew, big changelog.

Get it at the usual spot.

– Plugged a memory leak when removing PiPs (It still leaks a bit, but a lot less than before).
– Fixed crash with other mods trying to send packets using the player instance.
– Fixed the FoV of PiPs being affected by the actual Minecraft player.

– Added renderLivingLabel for Morph.
– Added obfuscation strings for PiP and Morph.
– Tweaked the framebuffer helper.

This update is mainly needed by PiP. Morph is not finalized yet and may require iChunUtil to be updated again.