End User License Agreement

End User License Agreement (“EULA”)

This EULA is currently in effect. Last edited 4th March 2019.

By downloading and/or using iChunUtil (“Mod”), you hereby permit the Mod and any software which has a hard dependency (“Child Mods”) on the Mod to use your internet connection to request non-malicious information/content from third-party sources such as Github.com or Creeperhost.net.

You accept that the Mod is provided without warranty; software support will be given where possible. You will also not hold iChun (“Author”) and other official contributors liable for any damage or harm caused to your machinery, self or any objects/biological beings around you. Contributions by the official contributors will be thoroughly screened/managed by the Author to ensure it is working as intended by the Author without any malicious intent. If any damage or harm has indeed been pinpointed to the Mod as the cause, this is completely unintentional and the issue in the Mod will be fixed/resolved as soon as possible.

You understand that any downloads of the Mod not originating from iChun.me (“Website”) leading to the Website’s File Host, CreeperHost, or from CurseForge, may be modified without knowledge of the Author and may be malicious, and will not hold the Author responsible. In the event that any downloads originating from the Website are indeed malicious, it is entirely unintentional and will be rectified once the Author has been notified.

You accept that if you are redistributing the Mod to other users without their agreement of this EULA and they were to use the Mod, you therefore hold yourself accountable for any conflict or problem that occurs and will be held responsible.

You accept that the EULA may change at any time without prior notice. However, the EULA will never change to allow The Mod and Author to intentionally introduce malicious content to your system.

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