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Okay, before I write the changelog for these mods, let me explain why it has taken this long to update them.

A long while back, I realised iChunUtil was a big mess of code and chose to rewrote it. However, because of its size, it took quite a while working on it and eventually I got burnt out working on it. I had a lot of plans for the rewrite, and then life gets in the way, and as a result, this rewrite is not 100% done. It is still missing quite a significant amount of code and the other mods updated today are the few mods that could be updated with what code was already in there.

Unfortunately I would have to say that life is, once again, getting in the way, so this will be my last update for 1.10.2 until January 2017. Don’t fret though, I will update my mods eventually. Time flies, so I’ll be back at it in no time.

Till next time though!




iChunUtil-dependent mods released for 1.10.2 or later: 7/22

All mods – 6.0.0
– Updated to MC 1.10.2
– Updated to conform to Forge’s new mod id requirements.
– Code cleanup

– Rewrote mod from scratch, with large code optimization and (hopefully) performance improvements.
– Improved management of many multi-mod functions.
– Improved version bounds to prevent accidental use of iChunUtil-dependent mods for other MC versions.

Guilt Trip
– Removed bossKills config as it is no longer possible to easily detect Boss Entities in MC.

Mob Amputation
– Fixed crashing when gibbing with Fishing Rods.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
– Improved memory use when multiple PiPs are present.

– Heavily optimized rendering code.


(Honestly, I forgot which mods needed updating and which mods didn’t so I just decided to rebuild them all on 1.7.10)

– Built in a 1.7.10 workspace
– Updated localizations.

Also want to add a note that iChunUtil was hotfixed to fix a crash with dedicated servers on load.

Read about the Version Changes here.


– Ported to 1.6.2 (Obviously)
– Now uses Minecraft Forge and iChunUtil
– Now can be installed on servers and *not crash*
– Added “green blood” option for mobs with blood. Disabled by default.

Mob Amputation:
– Fixed behaviour or skeletons not changing.
– Fixed arrows/fish hooks not amputating properly.
– Fully server compatible, will actually cause mobs to gib for other players as well.

Mob Dismemberment:
– Server compatible, will not crash if loaded on the server. However, the mod doesn’t do anything serverside.
– Tweaked explosive effects on mobs who are killed by explosions. Increased gib toss distance.

Thanks to the folks who saw the three very amusing bugs during my livestream when I rewrote the two mods.

(In case you’re curious, they’re: 1. (MA) Gibs kept spitting blood out and rocketed to the sky. 2. (MD) Gibs got stuck in midair and spun around “along with the music”. 3. (MD) Explosions caused gibs to fly to space.)

Heh, well that’s that. Cheers.

– iChun

PG Changelog:

– Fixed mod compatibility with changing texture packs.
– Fixed shooting portals through glass/iron fences making it go through blocks.
– Fixed placing chests on portals crashing and corrupting the world.
– Fixed death.moon messages.

Version Naming changes:

Now that I’m using runtime deobfuscation for some of my mods, Portalgun will have a change of version naming.

Old naming: <Minecraft version>v<Build number>

New naming: <Initial number>.<Major release>.<Minor release>

Initial Number: Changes everytime an update to minecraft breaks runtime deobfuscation. Resets Major/Minor Release Number.
Major Release: Changes everytime something mod breaking is done, eg new mod content or major change of mod structure.
Minor Release: Changes everytime some small fixes which does not break the mod are done.