Mob Amputation and Mob Dismemberment updated to 1.6.2. Uses MCForge and new versioning system.

Read about the Version Changes here.


– Ported to 1.6.2 (Obviously)
– Now uses Minecraft Forge and iChunUtil
– Now can be installed on servers and *not crash*
– Added “green blood” option for mobs with blood. Disabled by default.

Mob Amputation:
– Fixed behaviour or skeletons not changing.
– Fixed arrows/fish hooks not amputating properly.
– Fully server compatible, will actually cause mobs to gib for other players as well.

Mob Dismemberment:
– Server compatible, will not crash if loaded on the server. However, the mod doesn’t do anything serverside.
– Tweaked explosive effects on mobs who are killed by explosions. Increased gib toss distance.

Thanks to the folks who saw the three very amusing bugs during my livestream when I rewrote the two mods.

(In case you’re curious, they’re: 1. (MA) Gibs kept spitting blood out and rocketed to the sky. 2. (MD) Gibs got stuck in midair and spun around “along with the music”. 3. (MD) Explosions caused gibs to fly to space.)

Heh, well that’s that. Cheers.

– iChun

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