Slender – Reimagined


Currently for Minecraft 1.6. No longer being updated.

This mod will no longer be updated to the latest versions of Minecraft. For best experience I would recommend using v1.5.0 for Minecraft 1.5.X or v2.0.0 for Minecraft 1.6.X. Sounds for the mod may not be working anymore.

Video demo:


An awesome mod spotlight by MrMEOLA:


Requires Minecraft Forge. SMP Compatible!



Basic info

  • This mod will spawn 8 pages in random locations, with a radius of 500 (configurable, min 250) blocks from the spawn point.
  • They could be anywhere, even underground!
  • To aid you in finding them, you can craft a Page Detector:
With this in your hotbar, there will be a small indicator in the bottom left that blinks faster as you look towards the direction of the closest page.
  • However, things aren’t always that simple. There is a Slenderman around. He’s always watching. As long as you do not pick up a page, he will have no reason to harm you, unless provoked. The more pages you pick up, the more aggressive he will get. He does not chase creative/sleeping players. He will always be watching. The only way to banish him is to collect all 8 pages.
  • There is, however, a way to return him to the world after you have collected 8 pages. Once you get 8 pages, you will be given an item called a Book of Notes.If you were to sneak and press R twice, you would reset all progress and have the Slenderman reappear on the map.
  • Please note: The page detector and the Slenderman will only work/be around during night time, regardless of how dark it is where you are, and will only appear in the overworld.



Other info:

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Additional Mod Info

  • Variances
    Above is the basic description of the survival gamemode. There is also a second gamemode called realism. In realism mode the Slender moves faster, does not disappear in the daytime and may be more hostile. THIS IS MORE PREFERRED FOR MAPS rather than normal Minecraft gameplay (thus realism).
  • Build mode
    There is a mode called build mode which will allow you to place page spawns around a map.
    You require the Book of Notes in your hand to use it.To toggle build mode: Sneak + B.
    Placing a page spawn: Right click with item.
    Placing a grouped page spawn: Sneak + Right Click with item. (Group page spawns are for random page spawn locations within a page itself, allowing one page to spawn in different locations)
    Check number of page spawns: Sneak + G.
    Toggling game mode: Sneak + M.
    Remove last group of page spawns: Sneak + R.
    Remove all page spawns: Sneak + C.Please note, if you want random page spawns in your map, you NEED to exit to menu while STILL IN BUILD MODE. This will cause the mod to pick random map spawns. If you exit build mode while still in the world it will initiate the game from there and page spawns are selected, which are saved as you exit.
  • Why did you make this mod? There is already a Slenderman mod available!
    Personally I did not like colossali’s implementation of the Slenderman. (No offense intended)
    I felt that it didn’t really feel right, so I just decided to try making my own implementation of Slender in Minecraft. This is the result.
    I also wanted to post a new video on my YouTube account for Halloween. 😀 (ref my l4d video from last year)

Copyright Stuff

This mod (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth “Mod” or “The Mod”), by the terms of is sole property of the Mod author (iChun, henceforth “Owner” or “The Owner”). By default it may only be distributed on and It may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. Electronic Mail is fine if you wait for a response. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owner’s Mod are strictly forbidden without advance written permission

Many thanks

TheFezMan of TheBLUCast
Creds to colossali for the original Slenderman mod

Kudos to Parsec Productions for the original Slender game!
A couple of others I may have forgotten :( Sorry!


  • Drop it into the mods folder like most other mods.
  • Note: On first run with the mod, please give it a minute or two to download the sounds.

Link to map in video:


– Ported to 1.5.0 and later.
– Fixed several sound issues.

– Ported to 1.4.6

– Ported to 1.4.4

– Fix sound issue.

– Updated obfuscation.
– Updated

– When map is loaded up in Realism mode, time loops every 2000 Ticks from the time the map is loaded till 2000 ticks after.
– When map is loaded up in Realism mode, mobs will stop spawning and disappearing immediately.
– Fixed bug where shift-right clicking with no page spawns for group spawns will kick you from the server.


– Release


Downloads are universal, and will work on Clients and Servers.

Note: On first run with the mod on clients please give it a minute or two to download the sounds.
What else do I need for this mod? What version should I get? Help? Answered on the FAQ.



Want the map from the video?


Known issues

  • Slenderman constantly attacks you in survival even after you respawn and are away from pages.
  • Combination of this mod + NEI seems to make pages not spawn.
  • Mobs may not spawn until you find all 8 pages.


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