Basic Info

Uses Minecraft Forge or later.

Uses block IDs 1100 and 1101, item IDs 13200+ by default. Can be changed in config file.


The config file can be found in the /config/ folder.

Specific parts of the mod can be disabled to free up block/item IDs if required.


Thanks to Valve for the original game concept and sounds.



Server Information

Properties files

  • Dedicated server config files come in two places. One in the world save folder, one in the /config/ folder.
  • The difference is the one in the /config/ folder are for block/item/net IDs etc while the one in the world save folder is for directly changing (mostly) gameplay mechanics.
  • The mod adds several commands which can be listed down by typing “pg” in the server console of “/pg” as an Op.
  • These include changing mod properties in-game, as well as clearing out portals.



  1. Go to your minecraft folder. (If you don’t know how to, look it up)
  2. Place the zip file in the /mods folder and run the game. (Make sure Minecraft Forge is already installed)
  3. If you want to change a setting (eg: a block id), go to /config/ and open “PortalGun.cfg” with your favourite text editor.
  1. Drop the zip in the /mods/ folder of the server root folder and start the server.
  2. If you want to change a general setting (eg: a block id), go to /config/ and open “PortalGun.cfg” with your favourite text editor.
  3. If you want to change a gameplay setting (eg: turret targetting), go to your world folder and open “PortalGun_world.cfg” with your favourite text editor.


  • This mod DOES NOT auto resolve Item ID issues, but uses Forge’s ID allocator for blocks.
  • Please do check the config file, both of them, enough comments have been added for you to understand it.
  • Server is VANILLA only.

Video tutorials:


– Fixed mod compatibility with changing texture packs.
– Fixed shooting portals through glass/iron fences making it go through blocks.
– Fixed placing chests on portals crashing and corrupting the world.
– Fixed death.moon messages.

– Fixed critical block placement/removal issue with causes it’s neighbours not to update.
– Fixed crashing when dying in a singleplayer hardcore world.
– Fixed NEI console spam.
– Renamed the Material Emancipation Grid to Grill.
– Attempted fix for player stuck in ground bug.
– Attempted mem leak patch.

– Fixed crashing issue with packet payload too large (due to too many players :O )
– Fixed turrets targeting players who placed them although set not to. Turrets will have to be replaced.
– Fixed turretMode 3 not targeting hostile mobs.
– Fixed “floating portal” bug when portals are placed on floating sand.
– Increased raytrace of moon portal shooting to 500 blocks to decrease chance of “accidents”
– Added command option to clear moon portals onto existing clearPortals command.
– Added option to disallow command executers to be grabbed with the portal gun.

– Fixed issue with backing up mod dat files.
– Fixed block grabbing whitelist not working.
– Fixed TileEntities that extend IInventory not dropping its contents when block entities fail to be placed.
– Fixed null bug in bullet entity.
– Fixed bullet entity going through blocks portals are on if freshly fired.
– Fixed accidental use of “getBlock” for recipe booleans.
– Fixed recipe for PortalGun and LFB not being added on dedicated servers.
– Fixed render of some items in creative survival inventory.
– Fixed crash due to users setting a negative range on moon portals (If you don’t want it to suck, put 0. Geez.)
– Moon Portals no longer pull entities if it is out of view (behind a block) and is unable to pull blocks.
– Turret AI overhaul, more focused on work done by the server to be told to the client rather than both having their own separate outcomes.
– Oracle Turrets no longer have lasers.
– Additional turret config options such as ignore owners, ignore invisible entities.
– Tweaked Turret Item.
– Turrets can now be dispensed out of dispensers if there is a non-air block below or two blocks below the dispenser face.
– Turrets not longer drop items if killed by a creative player.
– Changed bullet entity texture to look like streaks of light, more noticable than previous bullet texture.
– Allowed blocks which uses the chest render type (22) to be grabbed.
– Removed opening of Portal Spawner GUI when placed due to the item previously saving its configuration.
– Block entities which fall too far into the void will be killed.
– Block entities now respect block placement rules.

– Fixed error reading setting in the console.
– Fixed ceiling portal links putting the entity in the ceiling.
– Fixed floor portal links displacing the player too high.
– Fixed wall portal links setting the player too high.
– Fixed portals spawners being shown as a tool.
– Fixed zombies holding portal guns in the air.
– Fixed crashing with Block entities.
– Fixed Out Of Bounds crashing with Block entities.
– Fixed Weighted Companion Cubes not healing the player.
– Fixed Command info being cut off due to excess length of chat message.
– Fixed crash due to limit in mod chunkloaders hit.
– Fixed Mystcraft Portal duplication glitch.
– Fixed Single Coloured Portal resetting both colours.
– Attempted fix at complete loss of momentum when portalling to areas unloaded to the client.
– Attempted fix at stuck in ground issue when portalling to areas unloaded to the client.
– Attempted fix at Block entities getting being placed in the floor.
– Added option to allow only command executers to place portals on the moon.
– Added note for users who put modPartsDisabled as letters and not numbers.
– Added config to use the old PortalGun and LFB recipes, dubbed Easy Mode.
– Added “glow” to “glowy” parts of the PortalGun model.
– Made block grabbing respect block hardness, negative means no grabby.

– Fixed crashing issue with Portals.
– Fixed command handler not actually working.
– Fixed portalgun not held in bow animation.
– Fixed fuel not being used if keep inventory rule was on.
– Added config option to toggle maceration recipe for ender pearls.
– Added config options for more flexibility to chest loot spawns.
– Tweaked portalling to (hopefully) prevent falling into blocks below the portal.
– Moved portalRange config to world settings.

– Fixed rare crashing issues with portals.
– Fixed incorrect recipe for potatOS.
– Removed unused third block ID in config.
– Moved Aerial Faith Plates from “Decoration” to “Transport”.
– Increased Forge requirement to due to important bugfix in FML.

– Rewrote mod from scratch, too many changes to be listed here.

Known issues

Currently Not Applicable as See Through Portals has not been reimplemented yet.

  • If your screen turns black or freezes when there’s a portal around, disable see through portals as that is causing the issue.
  • See through portals are NOT PERFECT. This means there may be conflicts with other GUIs and such. If the issues caused by it are unbearable, turn it off or set to static image.
  • Advanced OpenGL being enabled causes flickering issues with see through portals.
  • The sky will flicker while you’re in your inventory and looking at a see through portal.


We have a community maintained wiki! Feel free to contribute to it!


Plenty kudos to ALeone for the initial wiki, many thanks to manmaed for porting it to this site.


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