Frequently Asked Questions

What version do I use? / What version of Minecraft is this mod for? / Why are your mod version numbers so weird? / I have the latest version of your mod but Minecraft asks for an older version

There’s a nice detailed post about that here.


Can I include your mod(s) in a mod pack?

I have a separate page for this question. You can find it here.


Do your mods need any other mods?

All of my mods will require Minecraft Forge for the Minecraft version you’re running. My mods will also require iChunUtil, unless stated otherwise. If any other mods are required, it will be stated on the Downloads tab. If a mod requires a specific version of mod installed, Forge will tell you when you try to launch the game.

If you’re looking for requirements of a mod for Minecraft 1.5 and earlier (please don’t), high chances are they may require Risugami’s ModLoader, but will run on Minecraft Forge anyways. These versions may not require iChunUtil.


How do I install your mods?

All of my mods are drag-drop into the /mods/ folder, unless stated otherwise on the mod page. The download should be a JAR file (It will be a ZIP file if its for Minecraft 1.6.4 and earlier). Make sure you have all other required mods as well.


Where is your mod’s config file? / How do I change something that was mentioned configurable?

The config file for all my mods (except for Tabula, because it has it’s own workspace folder in /mods/tabula/) will be in the /config/ folder of the root (wherever you are launching Minecraft/the Server).

All configs can be edited by your favourite text editor, I use Notepad++. Most of the configs will be either String (text) or Integer (number) configs. Formatting for the String configs are important, please pay attention to the comments!

If you are looking for keybind configs, they are stored in iChunUtil_keybinds.cfg for all my mods. Why? A poll was run and it was decided to keep it in a separate config.


Your mod is crashing/has strange behaviour! / I have a suggestion for your mod! What do I do? Can I tell you about it?

First of all, make sure you are using the latest version of the mod. Check the mod page for the latest version. Please note that I drop support of my mod for old Minecraft versions (as in, not the latest modable version of Minecraft that you can get from the launcher).

If you are already using the latest version of the mod, make sure you are not using Optifine. Optifine tends to cause issues with mods and sometimes issues caused go away when it is uninstalled.

If you are sure it’s not Optifine, go to the repository page for the mod (IssueTracker-Mods, if the there is none) and look for the Issues tab. Crash Logs, Issues and Suggestions all go there. Please mention if you are using another third party API other than Minecraft Forge (such as MCPC+ or Sponge, etc) as some issues could be due to their end. If you’re posting to the Github, it’s fine to post the crash log in it’s whole there, but if you’re sending it to me elsewhere, put it up on or

You can also contact me on IRC if you know where to find me. I don’t generally provide support for my mods anywhere else, and especially not from the comments on this website.


Can you please update your mod to X.Y.Z version of Minecraft?

If I have not stated that the mod has been discontinued on the mod page, the mod will eventually (hopefully) be updated to said version of Minecraft, given that the version of Minecraft in question is modable using Minecraft Forge. On occasion I may make the decision to skip a specific Minecraft version, of which if I do, it will also be stated on the mod page.

In the case I retire from modding, my mod(s) which were closed source will be made open source and I will make a clear statement somewhere on my site. Unless I disappear from the internet (which is unlikely),  I will, eventually, try to update all my mods.

If I am busy in real life or demand for a specific mod isn’t great, expect the update for said mod to take a while (or more).


Is your mod multiplayer compatible?

All of my recent mods (which use Minecraft Forge) are made to work on Multiplayer. Some mods are clientside only (the info tab will state if it is), which means it will do absolutely nothing on a server. If the mod crashes on a server please let me know, cause that would be a bug!


Can I make a video about your mod?

By all means, go ahead! Just make sure you give credit and link back to the site if possible. I’m not saying it’s a must, but I’m kinda saying that it’d be nice that you do.

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