Feel free to posts your maps here!
Do note that I only accept mods that use 1.1.0v2 or later.
If you want to make a change to the the properties, use the world properties file, in the save directory! Just make sure worldOverride is set to 1 and all is good!
If you are posting in the forums, be sure to title your map with the prefix [Portal]!


If you feel your blockID should not be picked up by the gun, feel free to add it to the mod’s block grabbing blacklist. Simply execute this function once. Can be metadata specific.

portalgun.common.PortalGun.addBlockIDToGrabList(int blockID);


portalgun.common.PortalGun.addBlockIDToGrabList(int blockID, int[] metadata);


If you feel that your entity should not be targeted by turrets, execute this function once on load.

portalgun.common.PortalGun.addEntityToTurretException(Class entityClass);


Texture Replacements

Don’t like the textures that come with the mod? Feel free to replace them with these!
Note: I provide absolutely no support for these.
Sphax: https://bdcraft.net/forum/portal-gun

Many thanks

(Not in order of importance)

  • The #Direwolf20 community
  • The UCTI team
  • CreeperHost
  • ChickenBones
  • pahimar
  • _303
  • Hugsim
  • KamalN
  • Kenny
  • JanglerNPL
  • namAehT
  • slowpoke101
  • Several beta testers
  • The modders of ForgeCraft in general!
  • The others I forgot to add, sorry!

Copyright Notice

This mod (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth “Mod” or “The Mod”), by the terms of https://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp is sole property of the Mod author (iChun, henceforth “Owner” or “The Owner”). By default it may only be distributed on minecraftforums.net, ichun.us. It may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. Electronic Mail is fine if you wait for a response. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owner’s Mod are strictly forbidden without advance written permission


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