Monthly Archives: December 2016

Hey all,

So, I ran a poll for a couple of days on Twitter, and it turns out most of you hadn’t even heard of Blocksteps. This isn’t primarily the reason why I’m discontinuing this mod, though.

Blocksteps was, you could say, an experiment. It was an experiment I did over a couple of livestreams, and people liked how it looked. Performance-wise, though, it didn’t run as well as it could, and the impact / benefit ratio of this was very high. I told those watching the livestream at the time this, but they voted for me to finish it off and release it as a mini-map.

All that, coupled with the fact that I don’t really have that much time anymore to even be working on my mods, I felt that it would be better if I spent the time I could be using to update this mod, to work on other mods of mine.

Blocksteps was a fun little an experiment and I learned loads from it, some of which I’ll actually be using for Portal Gun. If you’d like to peek at the code (or even update it yourself?), the source code can be found here.

But yeah, that’s it for now. Till my next mod, eh?