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– Fixed render issue with the other player tries to trade items with effects.
– Fixed improper trade termination message.
– Fixed crash caused by classes that have Client only elements when looking for Mob Spawners.
– Fixed sending packets that were too large when going through areas with large volumes of mobs.
– Attempted fix on crashing when confirming trade.

– Updated localization files.
– Ported to 1.7.10

– Now uses Access Transformers. Reflection reduced by a boatload!
– Updated localization files.
– Updated for use in 1.7.10 with workaround/helpers for skins.
– Added a clientside aesthetics feature for Patrons on Patreon.
– Fixed a keybinding issue with Minecraft keybinds.

– Mob hats now persist across world reloads/server restarts.
– Fixed minor render issue with morph compatibility
– Bats now can wear hats.

– Fixed issues with player size not being set properly while morphing, as well as an array of other potentially major issues discovered by this fix.
– Fixed health being set mid-morph if the player dies while morphing, causing the player to get stuck in the death animation.
– Fixed abilities not working while offline.
– Fixed a keybinding issue with iChunUtil and Minecraft keybinds.
– Added a new hostile mode where mobs will only attack you if you attack them first.
– Added several events for use of other mods.

– Fixed a keybinding issue with iChunUtil and Minecraft keybinds.

– Tweak /pip remove to autocomplete to the pip entries, not the players list.
– Individual selection can now be done by holding the toggle and using the mouse wheel while PiP is active, instead of having to retoggle PiP.

– Fixed issues with Streak on invisible players.
– Fixed issues with multiple streaks on one player.
– Fixed issues with Streaks and morph.
– Fixed issues with Streaks and teleportation.

– Update CoFHCore API.


Get them all at the usual spots.

– Name the Hats Reader Thread for easier identification.
– Tweak hat positions on Zombies, Wolves and Slimes.
– Fixed CME crash when the Hats Reader Thread completes after the Server loads due to slow hard drives/downloading.

Hey guys,

Hats may have been marked feature complete on the release of 3.0.0, but with the release I’ve included a method for Hats to get mappings for custom mobs (like Morph’s Abilities).

At time of writing only Thaumcraft’s Pechs and Golems are partially supported (with thanks to Lomeli12). If you’re interested and you’d like to add mappings of your own/tweak existing mappings, the mappings (JSON file) can be found here, with instructions on how to create mappings here.

If you get a hat on a mob looking right, feel free to submit a Pull Request (see instructions).

I’m hoping this gets some of the community’s attention like how Morph’s Ability mappings has gotten, so please spread the word!



– Now requires iChunUtil 3.2.0 or later. Uses iChunUtil’s Config system, Techne 1 + 2 importer, Networking system.
– Fixed clipping texture in the trade window.
– Tweaked several mob hat render helpers.
– Render helpers now have an Can Unlock Hat function.
– Basic third party mob hat support. Something like Morph’s Mod Mob Ability support.
– First person rendering of hats has been greatly improved. The only issue with it is view bobbing but if not for that, hats appear in first person perfectly.
– Added Mob Spawner Block detection to prevent hat farming.
– Added a Hat Inventory system. You can now store more than 1 of the same hat.
– Added a Hat Rarity system. Colours follow from common to rare: White < Green < Blue < Purple < Yellow < Gold < Aqua. This is done to encourage the use of Hat Trading.
– Added an Alpha slider for Hats.
– Default Hats are now stored on an online server and will be downloaded when the mod is ran. Allows new hats to be added to the mod without the need of a mod update.
– Techne 1 hats are converted into a Techne 2 save format and read in that format. However, the Techne 2 editor will not read these kinds of files just yet as the editor is missing the offset function from Techne 1. This is one way, be sure to make back ups of T1 models you do not want to lose.

And with that, I’d like to label Hats as feature complete.

Get it at the usual place.

I hate it when things are so blatantly obvious and yet so hidden from prying eyes.

– Another tackle at the server tick issue. I think I’ve got it this time guys!
– Hats will not render if the entity it’s rendering on is a child.

Thanks to MaddocksL for shining the light on me, Kihira for adding lens flares.

– Experimental fix on the server load issue with mob hats. Please test it out and leave a comment in this post on the server tick load on this version VS 2.1.5 or prior.