Monthly Archives: December 2013

I work too hard.

– Finalize mod version for post-modjam build, to follow the versioning system of my other mods.
– Fixed render issue shell constructors/storage units like ice on water.
– Fixed issue with incorrect item dropped when breaking Sync-related blocks
– Fixed issues with mods that do stuff on player death.
– Fixed issues with rendering when power requirement is set to 0.
– Fixed issues with mouse when syncing.
– Use new sync core texture by imIrony (thanks!)
– Decrease chances of mobs desyncing on the treadmill.
– Decrease bandwidth use when synching shell states.
– Added experimental config to disable chunkloading.
– Added SyncStartEvent to alert other mods that a player is resyncing.
– Added chat message when a player destroys another player’s shell.
– Added better shell organization in the selection GUI.
– Added texturized shell death animation. Such animation, Very slick, Wow, Worth it.

Get it here.

Sync is a mod I made for the third 96 hour mod making competition, ModJam.

It basically adds clones/shells/extra lives, loosely based off CorridorDigital’s Webseries of the same name, Sync.

More info/Get it here.

Final commit for this build.

Bold for changes you’d probably be more interested to know.


  • Fixed crashes with sending packets to FakePlayers. 
  • Fixed invalid onGround states with other players. Fixes issue with chicken wings (on other players) and slimes.
  • Added more duct tape to player morphs in case something breaks it.
  • Arrange NBT tags in alphabetical order when creating identifier. Prevents some duplicate morphs, but may also break old Morph saves.
  • Added config option to use local mappings for mod mob ability support.
  • Added community supported NBT Stripper formatting to aid removal of duplicate mod mob morphs.
  • Fixed errornous clientside eye heights for player morphs.
  • Added config option to list Morphs alphabetically instead of by most recently acquired.
  • Tweak keybind gui to use proper mouse button names.

You can get it here.