Sync updated to 2.0.0

I work too hard.

– Finalize mod version for post-modjam build, to follow the versioning system of my other mods.
– Fixed render issue shell constructors/storage units like ice on water.
– Fixed issue with incorrect item dropped when breaking Sync-related blocks
– Fixed issues with mods that do stuff on player death.
– Fixed issues with rendering when power requirement is set to 0.
– Fixed issues with mouse when syncing.
– Use new sync core texture by imIrony (thanks!)
– Decrease chances of mobs desyncing on the treadmill.
– Decrease bandwidth use when synching shell states.
– Added experimental config to disable chunkloading.
– Added SyncStartEvent to alert other mods that a player is resyncing.
– Added chat message when a player destroys another player’s shell.
– Added better shell organization in the selection GUI.
– Added texturized shell death animation. Such animation, Very slick, Wow, Worth it.

Get it here.

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