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Hats 1.3.0 notable changes:
– Fixed server error when trying to download Contributor hats.
– Added “Reset Side” button to reset the personalize settings for buttons.
– Added a slider, “RandoMobs” to give most vanilla mobs random hats, disabled when server is on Hat Hunting Mode.
– Added Hat Hunting Mode for servers. (Read below)
– Added Tab Complete for the hats command.
– Changed default randomHat setting to avoid confusion.
– Changed default player hat mode to Hat Hunting Mode.
– Removed defaultHat config.
– Disabled lighting in hats gui to prevent dark hats in-gui.

Hat Stand 1.2.0 notable changes:
– Fixed and updated the addon for Hats 1.3.0;


Hat Hunting Mode:
Players will start with zero hats enabled (Contributors will have their own contributor hat unlocked). Mobs will have a wear a random hat (Chance of having a hat can be configured in the config). Kill this mob to unlock the hat it is wearing. Simple enough.
All hats will be unlocked in creative mode, of course.
Killing another player is unjust and you will not be rewarded!

Hats 1.2.0
– Added version range checks.
– Added first person view toggle for hats in “Personalize”
– Added a command alias “Hat”
– Added 6 randomly taken hats to maintain the 78 Hat count.
– Removed 6 player hats to be moved to the contributors category.
– Fixed queued list hat sending broken on hats that are requested before it is received by the server.
– Fixed an issue with removing categories
– Compatibility with the new “Contributors” system that has been added. View the mod page for more info.
– Cleared requested hats list when client disconnects from a server.
– Increased max model file size (Due to a model file found which is 234 kb large)

HatStand 1.1.0
– Added 5 new head options: Wither, Wither (Invincible), Pigman, Blaze, Invisible.
– Fixed improper hat rendering in both the Gui and in the world.

Would like to add, these will be the final builds for Hats and HatStand for 1.4.7. All updated builds will be for the latest minecraft version onwards.

Changelog, basically anything I can remember doing, off the top of my head. For full info check the github.

– Massive GUI revamp, including view titles, page numbers, hotkeys, tooltips, a search bar, hat organiztion, randomizers, categories, GUI personalization, reloading all hats and help tips (known as protips)
– Added support for Favourites, Disabled and Categories. This will allow hat packs to be in folders!
– Added one PlumbBob hat of my own creation to offset the change of the “No hat” button.
– Fixed head clipping through hat due to high changes in player’s head pitch
– Fixed an error in the default colour of hats.
– Fixed an NPE due to lack of in mod zip.
– Fixed mirrored textures on models.
– Fixed shapes of some models not showing up due to being a different shape type.

That’s all I can think of having done in the recent days.


EDIT 2: I’ve changed my mind and decided to switch my choice to this instead. The G750JX variant.

EDIT 3: Official ASUS page for the G750JX.




I’m currently looking to getting a new laptop, mainly to replace my old 8 year old which can’t even run Minecraft 🙁  <– Yeah… that really sucks.
I will be migrating to another country in the near future and will not be taking my desktop with me so the new laptop I’ll be getting will become my primary system for the next few years.
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PG Changelog:

– Fixed mod compatibility with changing texture packs.
– Fixed shooting portals through glass/iron fences making it go through blocks.
– Fixed placing chests on portals crashing and corrupting the world.
– Fixed death.moon messages.

Version Naming changes:

Now that I’m using runtime deobfuscation for some of my mods, Portalgun will have a change of version naming.

Old naming: <Minecraft version>v<Build number>

New naming: <Initial number>.<Major release>.<Minor release>

Initial Number: Changes everytime an update to minecraft breaks runtime deobfuscation. Resets Major/Minor Release Number.
Major Release: Changes everytime something mod breaking is done, eg new mod content or major change of mod structure.
Minor Release: Changes everytime some small fixes which does not break the mod are done.