Hats and Hat Stand Updated. Last builds for 1.4.7.

Hats 1.2.0
– Added version range checks.
– Added first person view toggle for hats in “Personalize”
– Added a command alias “Hat”
– Added 6 randomly taken hats to maintain the 78 Hat count.
– Removed 6 player hats to be moved to the contributors category.
– Fixed queued list hat sending broken on hats that are requested before it is received by the server.
– Fixed an issue with removing categories
– Compatibility with the new “Contributors” system that has been added. View the mod page for more info.
– Cleared requested hats list when client disconnects from a server.
– Increased max model file size (Due to a model file found which is 234 kb large)

HatStand 1.1.0
– Added 5 new head options: Wither, Wither (Invincible), Pigman, Blaze, Invisible.
– Fixed improper hat rendering in both the Gui and in the world.

Would like to add, these will be the final builds for Hats and HatStand for 1.4.7. All updated builds will be for the latest minecraft version onwards.

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