Hats Updated to 1.1.0

Changelog, basically anything I can remember doing, off the top of my head. For full info check the github.

– Massive GUI revamp, including view titles, page numbers, hotkeys, tooltips, a search bar, hat organiztion, randomizers, categories, GUI personalization, reloading all hats and help tips (known as protips)
– Added support for Favourites, Disabled and Categories. This will allow hat packs to be in folders!
– Added one PlumbBob hat of my own creation to offset the change of the “No hat” button.
– Fixed head clipping through hat due to high changes in player’s head pitch
– Fixed an error in the default colour of hats.
– Fixed an NPE due to lack of hats.zip in mod zip.
– Fixed mirrored textures on models.
– Fixed shapes of some models not showing up due to being a different shape type.

That’s all I can think of having done in the recent days.


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