Looking for a new Laptop

EDIT 2: I’ve changed my mind and decided to switch my choice to this instead. The G750JX variant.

EDIT 3: Official ASUS page for the G750JX.




I’m currently looking to getting a new laptop, mainly to replace my old 8 year old which can’t even run Minecraft 🙁  <– Yeah… that really sucks.
I will be migrating to another country in the near future and will not be taking my desktop with me so the new laptop I’ll be getting will become my primary system for the next few years.
I’m looking to getting this laptop as it’s pretty decent and I got some recommendations on it. I would love if you could drop a donation to help me out using the widget on the right –>
Every dollar helps!
Cheers, and many thanks,
EDIT: It’s also my birthday today! Yay! 😀

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