Sync updated to 2.2.0

This changelog and update was only possible with the help of Kihira! Go check her out and maybe drop a thank you!

Bug Fixes
– Persistant Player data should now transfer across shells (this makes it so ThaumCraft research and AM2 spells now transfer!)
– Ender chest data should now sync
– Lots of fixes for when players log out/in mid-sync. Should be no more shell duping!
– You no longer take fall damage when syncing to a shell below you
– You can no longer die mid-sync. Should fix the “double death” issues
– You should no longer sometimes become invulnerable after syncing
– Players in Morph now render properly when looking at an empty shell storage
– When shells are constructed with RF power, they now show their progress
– Potion effects now transfer properly (Invisibilty not always working is a vanilla issue)
– Chunkloading should now be A LOT better. Should fix issues with having too many constructors/shells across a large area
– Constructors only eat power if there is something to build
– Insta-building a shell in creative now works properly.

Balance Changes
– Constructors now can only take a maximum of 24 RF/t

New Features
– Optional WAILA support. Will now provide useful details if you have WAILA installed.
– Optional power requirement for shell storage. Default is off but in case you feel like it needs a bit more balancing.
– Mods can now add entities that can work on the treadmill via IMC. See README for details

Grab the mod at the usual spot.

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