Sync updated to 2.2.0

This changelog and update was only possible with the help of Kihira! Go check her out and maybe drop a thank you!

Bug Fixes
– Persistant Player data should now transfer across shells (this makes it so ThaumCraft research and AM2 spells now transfer!)
– Ender chest data should now sync
– Lots of fixes for when players log out/in mid-sync. Should be no more shell duping!
– You no longer take fall damage when syncing to a shell below you
– You can no longer die mid-sync. Should fix the “double death” issues
– You should no longer sometimes become invulnerable after syncing
– Players in Morph now render properly when looking at an empty shell storage
– When shells are constructed with RF power, they now show their progress
– Potion effects now transfer properly (Invisibilty not always working is a vanilla issue)
– Chunkloading should now be A LOT better. Should fix issues with having too many constructors/shells across a large area
– Constructors only eat power if there is something to build
– Insta-building a shell in creative now works properly.

Balance Changes
– Constructors now can only take a maximum of 24 RF/t

New Features
– Optional WAILA support. Will now provide useful details if you have WAILA installed.
– Optional power requirement for shell storage. Default is off but in case you feel like it needs a bit more balancing.
– Mods can now add entities that can work on the treadmill via IMC. See README for details

Grab the mod at the usual spot.

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  1. killadeer100 April 7, 2014 2:54 am  Reply

    With WAILA support, does this mean that you will be able to see progress on a constructing shell too? Does the same go for how much power a shell constructor is receiving? (Last Question) Wasn’t the enderchests not syncing supposed to be part of the mod, as it added an extra challenge for people playing in modpacks. If possible, could you add a config option that would specify whether enderchests are synced or not, as I found that a fun challenge to play with. Thanks,


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