Better Than Bunnies and Ding updated for MC 1.10.2, 1.11. Death Counter and Limited Lives updated to MC 1.11. Googly Eyes mod page added.

Better Than Bunnies – 1.1.0
– Brand new model, courtesy of RazzleberryFox.
– Brand new configs.
– Each bunny now will be randomly weighted for outfit parts. (Configurable)
– Each bunny will have a randomly allocated colour for their outfit.
– Bunny ears actually stick out of their hats now.

Ding – 1.0.1
– Update to conform to Forge’s new mod ID requirements
– Make use of Forge’s config getters which did not exist when the mod was created
– Error logging to the console if the mod cannot find the sound specified
– Fixed In-World Ding not working if playing on single player and the game pauses

Death Counter – 1.0.0, Limited Lives – 1.0.1
– Update to 1.11
– Update to conform to Forge’s new mod ID requirements
– General code cleanup

Googly Eyes Mod Page – Link

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