Death Counter, Gravity Gun, PortalGun, Trail Mix, updated to 1.5.0v1. iChun Util introduced. Searge Name obfuscation used.

Gravity Gun, PortalGun and Trail Mix now requires a “shared library” mod dependency, iChun Util. iChun Util makes it easier for me to reference similar functions used by all three mods. Think of it of something like “CodeChickenCore”, except it isn’t a coremod.

Also, the 4 mentioned mods now use the new “Runtime Deobfuscation” method provided by FML/Forge. As Minecraft updates there should be no reason to update certain mods, unless things break, thanks to FML.

Unfortunately to allow this, the file size of a bunch of the mods may have increased slightly (heh, what’s 1 or 2 more extra mb nowadays anyways).

If any issues were to arise from runtime deobf, let me know immediately and I will see what I can do about it.



PortalGun 1.5.0v1
– Fixes here and there… Lost track of them.
– Fixed issue with addBlockIDToGrabList in API.
– Fixed crash issue with singing turrets.
– Weighted Cubes will not drop an item if broken by Creative Players
– Now requires iChun Util.
– Introduction of Hard Mode for PortalGun
– Added console print out when receiving invalid IMCMessage

GravityGun 1.5.0v1
– Fixed issue with addBlockIDToGrabList in API.
– Now requires iChun Util.

Trail Mix and DeathCounter 1.5.0v1
– Now requires iChun Util. (Trail Mix only)
– Ported to 1.5

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