I will be moving my mods to Java 8

Heya you lot,

Ever since I started modding 5 years ago, Java 6 was choice of supported Java edition for Minecraft mods. This, unfortunately, caused some problems with Mac OSX users which were locked to using the version of Java which Apple provided, which, for some, was Java 5. Despite this, I’ve been trying to keep my mods compilable in Java 6 since I started.

Now at one point, I accidentally included a Java 7 function in one of my mods (my IDE did not warn me about it) and some people were crashing and it took me a bit to realise it was because of a Java 7 function.

Starting in Minecraft Forge for MC1.9+, Forge now informs the user if they’re using a version of Java lower than 8, as well as warns the player if any mods they’re using are on Java 8. Knowing this, I’ve finally made the decision to use Java 8 in my mods. Therefore, regardless of if you are a user of my mods or not, I’d like to recommend that you update to Java 8 if possible. Java 6 and 7 are no longer supported by Oracle and it would best for you, both security and performance-wise, to update to Java 8.

A little off topic, but I’ve been busy lately, but my mods which have not been updated to 1.8.9 will be skipping that and will be jumping to MC 1.9, possibly 1.9.4 instead.

That’ll be all for now


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