In need of a new graphics card

Hey guys,

A couple of you know about this by now, but recently (2 days ago) my graphics card died while I was modding. This happened immediately after i got 1.4.5v2 of Gravity Gun ready. Until I get a replacement I won’t be able to work on my mods efficiently as the card was on my primary system (on which I code, mod, game, etc on).

This was pretty much of a bummer cause I was supposed to be playing a coop game with a friend within the next few weeks, I don’t have a backup card nor onboard graphics so I’m unable to even use the PC right now.

After speaking to a couple people on #Direwolf20 , I’ve decided to get a GeForce GTX 650 Ti, particularly of ASUS brand. After a bit of digging around I found out it costs approximately USD 200 in my local currency (MYR).

If you’d like to help me out somehow, you could do me a favour and drop a donation via chipin on the sidebar on the right (It’s just below the advertisement) –>

When the chip in reaches its goal/ends, I’ll send the highest donator a free copy of the Humble THQ Bundle (above average) via the email they used to donate with. Somewhat as a small thank you I can manage 🙂

Until then, cheers.


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