List of known issues (and fixes) for Morph

If your issue on Github was closed with this page being the reason for closure, it’s probably already listed here and fixed/has a workaround, or your issue was invalid/duplicate

Make sure you’re on the latest Morph version. Check this category to make sure you’re updated.


The mod is crashing, but I neglected including a crash report.

– Invalid issue. Will be closed immediately.

The mod crashes when I kill something. I have the Damage Indicators Mod.

– Already fixed in 0.0.7. Go grab that version or later.

The mod crashes when I kill something, but when I reload the world I am in the morph I killed.

– Already fixed in 0.0.7. If you’re still crashing on that version, post the crash report and I’ll see to it.

How do I install this mod??

– You need MinecraftForge installed first, and you just put this in the mods folder in minecraft. Easy. If you’re using an installer and are incapable of installing mods yourself, I suggest you go bug the maker of the installer of your inapt abilities rather than me.

The keys to open the GUI don’t seem to work/I can’t find the keys to open the GUI!

– In 0.0.7, the default keys to open the GUI were changed to [ and ]. HOME and END will no longer work unless you have the old config from 0.0.5. If you don’t have said keys/they are in bad places, you can open the config file and change it.

Where is the config file?

– It’s in /config/ of the minecraft folder. Look for Morph.cfg.

How do I open the config file?

– Try Wordpad on Windows, TextEdit on Mac. Linux? Pssh if you’re on Linux you wouldn’t be asking this question.

I can’t morph into a child mob/boss mob/player!

– These are config options. Consult the config or your server host. Child/boss mobs are disabled by default, Players are enabled. Boss mobs include the EnderDragon.

I can’t go through 1 block high tunnels/holes when I’m smaller than 1 block! I also suffocate when I try to enter it.

– This is a vanilla issue which hardcodes pushing players out of blocks. Updating to the latest Morph version should fix it.

The Enderdragon is backwards/No end portal spawns after killing the dragon/The dragon has a weird death animation!

– I have no idea why you’d think you’d be the first person to report this. Backwards enderdragon was fixed ages ago in 0.0.7. The rest most likely will not be fixed (that’s why there’s a boss mob config which is disabled by default)

Mobs look in the wrong spot when trying to look at you when you’re morphed as something that’s differently sized/Arrows and buckets don’t work right from different heights.

– Use the latest forge version and Morph 0.2.0 or later.

Morphs should be able to fly as a bat/breathe underwater as a squid/float slowly as a chicken/etc etc etc oh so many bloody damn times I have gotten this suggestion that I’m so damn sick of hearing it blah blah blah etc etc etc etc blah.

– Update to 0.3.0. It’s in there now.


This list will be continually updated until the release of the mod.

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