“Malicious Content” warning. LIES! ALL LIES!

Guys, I’ve been getting reports that Microsoft SmartScreen has been blocking this website due to “malicious content” or so.

You’d be getting a picture like this.


I can reassure you that there are NO malicious threats with this web site. Everything has been checked and verified clean. Even our ad hosters are by GOOGLE, so if Microsoft think’s Google ads are viruses, or that minecraft mods are dangerous, I am disappointed.

If you guys can’t seem to get around this issue, access the website by replacing all the “ichun.us” links with “portalmod.atl6.creeperhost.net”, which is the identical site. Eg: https://ichun.me/mods/portalgun/download/ to https://ichun.me/mods/portalgun/download/

You guys can do me a favour by submitting a report that you think the site is safe, here. Or you can do the world a favour by NOT using IE. I would recommend Google Chrome, or FireFox.




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