Meet Jack

Hey guys, meet my dog Jack:

This is my most recent photo of him. Taken while he was looking at some passing neighbours. Dated 29th Sept 2012.

He’s a German Shephard Dog (GSD). I’ve had him for close to 9 years now, ever since he was a puppy. Just yesterday was his 9th birthday.

He normally spends his days just lazing around, understandable since he’s considered a senior at his age.


He died today, due to a blood infection [sepsis].


It’s been a pretty rough two weeks for him (and me). He got a nasty wound on his elbow (I have no idea how) which required him to be sent to the vet to have it looked at. By the next day the wound had been cleaned and was taken care of for the next week. However for that next week his appetite began to worsen and he started refusing to eat, only drinking water out of his bowl constantly.

Mid 2009, Age 5 1/2

So back to the vet he went, the vet initially thought it was a gastric issue and prescribed medication to treat gastric, taking his weak kidneys into account (he was hospitalised due to tick fever around the same time last year). The treatment itself was also tough, he would still refuse to eat and would vomit out any food, if eaten, which includes his medication. He was scheduled to go back to the vet again today when suddenly early this morning he began vomiting blood. It was pretty much an emergency by then, had him there right away when the vet opened.

Jack, Circa End 2006 (Yes I know he looks high), Age 3.

The vet put him on an IV drip and started her very best to help him. I had other matters to do on the other hand, so I couldn’t stay. Around 1 pm or so, the vet called to say that Jack had died. 🙁 Vet informed that it was a bad case of sepsis, coupled with his old age and kidneys, when he finally succumbed. She said she wanted to do a blood test to determine what antibiotics to give him (even the blood stank), which couldn’t even be completed on time. Jack was cremated earlier today at the cost of MYR 200.

I in no way blame the vet for what happened. She’s excellent at what she does and she’s terribly friendly. I guess it was just his time.

I am of course still upset about losing a best bud, its been a great long time he’s been there for me. I’ll miss him terribly.


Just thought I’d share this, something different from news of my mods and such for once.

– iChun

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