Morph Adds Community-driven Mod support for Abilities.

Heya guys,

As a heads up Morph is gonna be adding a community-driven mod mob ability support (contributed by Mr_okushama!).

What does this mean? Morph is gonna needs your help in mapping abilities to mod mobs.

The mappings are found HERE
You can find the basic abilities HERE

The formatting is pretty obvious here, basic JSON. However, some abilities (at this moment, “float” and “swim”) require arguments, and that’s separated from the ability name with a pipe symbol (This symbol –> |), and from each other with a comma (,) . So, for example, you want to map a float ability to say… a BattleChicken. You therefore pass in “float|-0.114,true” instead of just “float” (which won’t work).

So, that’s about it. If you feel like helping out, go ahead and dive in and submit a pull request to the repository and I’ll pull it in if I see it fit!

Also, if it hasn’t dawned to you yet, Morph will be getting an update (final update for 1.6.X) soon. Stay tuned.



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