Morph Beta 0.3.0 Released!

Tiny changelog, big in changes.

Mod information can be found here.

Final commit for this build.


  • Added “Abilities” and an “Ability Tracker”. Find info on it here.

  • Shadow size of morphs are now adjusted. No longer will you be a chicken with a huge shadow, or a spider with a tiny shadow!
  • Fix bossMorphs config being broken.
  • “Fix” EnderDragon’s death animation being locked post-respawn as a dragon.
  • Fix Boss healthbar appearing at the top of the screen when a boss morph is shown in the gui or as a player.
  • Fix forceMorph function in the API.
  • Fix particle spawn height on Entity onUpdate(). Blaze and Endermen spawn particles at the right height now, as well as Ars Magica mobs!
  • Added config to allow sleeping while morphed.
  • Added config to disable the selection GUI.

If you have an issue, check here. If it’s not on the list, report it here or contact me on IRC!

Again, a reminder that the mod isn’t finished yet, but it is fairly stable, so feel free to try it out.
>> Creeperhost

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