Moving to CreeperHost’s Repository

Hey guys, there is a small issue with the webhost running this website for the moment.

Its generating too much bandwidth!

In two weeks you guys manage to generate 2.8 TB (yes terrabytes) of data on the server. Normally the amount allocated each month is 3TB (yes i’m THAT close), so it kinda raised some red flags over in Creeperhost Central.


So…. Paul_T (owner of Creeperhost) has come to me with a proposal to move my files over to a service he provides specially for minecraft modders, a creeperhost repository. For now most (if not all) of the site’s files will be hosted on creeperhost’s repo.

Later today I will be updating portalgun which moves the mod’s sound downloading over to the new repo (unfortunately its… somewhat hardcoded so I can’t do it without an update to the mod)

So, it would do me and creeperhost a HUGE favour if you are installing portalgun for the first time, to use the updated version (should be 1.4.4v0.1) instead.


– iChun


UPDATE: 1.4.4v0.1 is up.