Photoreal will no longer be updated.

Hey again guys,

Again, wanna let you folks know that I’ve made the conscious decision to stop updating Photoreal to the latest Minecraft version.

Reasons are well, as of late I’ve been getting horribly swamped with work that I’ve not really been able to find time to mod, even though I want to, and according to the poll I had a while ago, demand for Photoreal is the lowest and least wanted. In addition to that, the mod has no practicality and no use other than the general show-offyness that doesn’t last for long. A little fun mod/experiment you could say, of which what I’ve learnt from that could be moved on for something better/greater/more useful.

Credit where due though, once again thanks to CorridorDigital for the initial inspiration for the mod (I made this mod in a Starbucks after idly watching their videos, I had a lot more time back then), and to mr_hazard for the camera model used. If you’d like to dig through the source code or if you want to update it yourself, be my guest, it can be found here.

Anyways, I know a couple of you people are thinking, I’m discontinuing mod after mod, I’m most likely heading towards the path of quitting modding. That’s thankfully not the case (yet). There’s still a lot of mods I want to work on for MC, the main thing I’m lacking now is time, and for once I’m actually putting real life priorities over modding (I can admit, for the past 2 years, I’ve spent more time modding than focusing on my life). However, I’ve still got a lot in store/planned for the future and I really am looking forward to working on them one day.

On the positive side, less mods to maintain, more time to make the others more awesome/make new mods. Yeah?

So yeah, goodbye Photoreal, thanks for the fun, thanks for the experience. (I’ll totally rebuild you in a different concept one way or the other)



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