PortalGun 1.4.5 updated to 1.4.5v2, 1.4.6v2 hotfixed.

Portalgun had to undergo an emergency update to fix a major bug with its portals.

Changes to 1.4.5v2 is the same as 1.4.6v2, with one additional, included in the 1.4.6v2 hotfix:

– Fixed players who go through portals may randomly accidentally pull all other players in the vicinity along with said player.

At this point of time the creeperhost repo appears to be… malfunctioning for 1.4.5v2, so grab the file from the mirror.

Hotfix for 1.4.6v2 is in the primary mirror only. Only clients need to redownload and reinstall this. Servers are unaffected.

Also a reminder: DO NOT use forge build 481. It is currently broken.

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