PortalGun updated to 1.4.7v1, works on 1.4.6.

– Fixed crashing issue with Portals.
– Fixed command handler not actually working.
– Fixed portalgun not held in bow animation.
– Fixed fuel not being used if keep inventory rule was on.
– Added config option to toggle maceration recipe for ender pearls.
– Added config options for more flexibility to chest loot spawns.
– Tweaked portalling to (hopefully) prevent falling into blocks below the portal.
– Moved portalRange config to world settings.

Reminder: 1.4.6 mods will work on 1.4.7 and vice versa!

Also: Shoutout to a friend of mine, Kenny, who’s going through some tough times right now. Hope he holds out alright, even though he tells us not to worry.

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