Two-handed Items

Hey guys,

You might have noticed that I’ve only just updated a bunch of my mods. You may have asked yourself, “What are two handed items?”. They are, essentially, this:



With the introduction of an off-hand slot in Minecraft, you could hold things in both left and right hand. With some of my items that have a left and right click function, this clearly got in the way. My solution to that is to basically introduce two-handed items. These two-handed items need the off-hand (or main hand, if you’re holding in the off hand) slot to be empty. If you were to hold another item whilst holding a two-handed item, you will bring the two-handed item down and will not be able to use it.

Right now, these cover Gravity Gun, Bee Barker, Torch Gun, Torch Launcher, Pig Launchers. Yes, as much as you might have wanted to possibly use two Bee Barkers at once, that’s not happening. In the future, I can see Portal Gun also being such an item.

Anyways, that’s all for now, have fun.


– iChun

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