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Hey Guys,

Wanna update you, that since there seems to be a new trend going round with people jumping onto Patreon, I’ve decided to make a page for myself as well.

For you who don’t know, Patreon is basically something that lets fans become patrons of their favorite creators. In a way, giving back to content creators in various ways, either monthly or every content release, that sort of thing. Think of it as something like Twitch.TV’s subscribe button. That sort of thing.

Those of you who want to check out my Patreon page can find it here:

iChun’s Patreon Page

(That’s a link to the Patreon page by the way)

Either way, thanks for stopping by!



Bug Reports

Just an FYI, I don’t read my forum pages on MCF anymore. Any bug reports you have for my mods need to be informed to me directly or anyone who can contact me easily via Twitter, IRC or whenever I do my livestreams.


PS: I don’t add people whom I don’t know on Steam. (Sorry)



Introducing the Tank Rush! Mutation

You can get it here!

I’ve been working on a Custom Mutation for Left 4 Dead 2 which makes use of the new EMS it has introduced.

Basically you fight endless numbers of tanks. Your team uses an M60 with infinite ammo.

Kill a tank and heal your entire team.

In the finale you fight 20 tanks for two waves before the rescue arrives.



I’m not moving to L4D2 modding if you’re wondering, this was initially a plugin I had modified for SourceMod which I had played with some friends a long time ago, before I got involved in Minecraft. However, SourceMod is no longer stable for  local (listen) servers, so I decided to port the plugin as a mutation instead and release it to the public.

And that’s it. Hope you enjoy the mutation if you have L4D2!




EDIT 2: I’ve changed my mind and decided to switch my choice to this instead. The G750JX variant.

EDIT 3: Official ASUS page for the G750JX.




I’m currently looking to getting a new laptop, mainly to replace my old 8 year old which can’t even run Minecraft 🙁  <– Yeah… that really sucks.
I will be migrating to another country in the near future and will not be taking my desktop with me so the new laptop I’ll be getting will become my primary system for the next few years.
I’m looking to getting this laptop as it’s pretty decent and I got some recommendations on it. I would love if you could drop a donation to help me out using the widget on the right –>
Every dollar helps!
Cheers, and many thanks,
EDIT: It’s also my birthday today! Yay! 😀

When you’re doing a Physics assignment, and you’re assigned to write about “Lunar Gravity vs Earth and the Differences In Energy Used in Actions between the two”..

I strongly suggest against writing about the Gravity Gun mod, and then citing this blog as a source for physics info.

Even more so, when the person checking it, knows where to find me 😛

You know who you are.


– iChun

Hey all,

I’ve started a Let’s Play series on my YouTube channel. The LP will be recorded on the whitelisted and invite only ForgeCraft dev server, which I’ve long been invited to join (since it was known as PahiCraft).

My mods currently on the server are Back Tools, Gravity Gun and Portal Gun. I may be adding Mob Dismemberment to my client in the future, but as of now it is not installed.

At time of post the first and second episodes are already up on the channel, but mind you it’s my first time recording so many apologies if its a bit crappy! (I’m getting better though!)

I’ve decided on a Tuesday and Thursday release schedule, that’ll be two episodes a week for as long as the series runs, with no hiccups if possible! Not to forget I’ve got real life to think about as well as my own mods to maintain, so won’t be doing a daily release *cough* like direwolf20 *cough* (go check him out though, he’s awesome!).

Anyways, that’s pretty much it for now, if you like my videos feel free to comment/subscribe/tell others about it (heh).


oHaiiChun on YouTube