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Yep. 1.6 sucked, but those mods (in the title) are finally updated.

Lemme brief you guys about the version changes.

The version of the mod is defined by A.B.C, for example, 1.2.5, where 1 represents A, 2 represents B and 5 represents C.

From now on, for my mods:

A represents the Minecraft version the mod was made for. This means it increases every new major Minecraft update. This affects all my mods and is global. The value for 1.6.x is 2.

B represents major mod version. This increases every time there is a major change in the way the mod works which will break saves (even across Minecraft versions).

C represents minor mod version. This increases every time there is a minor change, aka a bug fix etc, and will not break saves.

For all my mods, the version number has been reset to 2.0.0.




Gravity Gun
– Reverted respect for block placement due to more complaints about it than without it.

– Fixed a couple of issues listed in the github.

– Reverted respect for block placement due to more complaints about it than without it.
– Attempted fix for sounds freeze.

Slender – RI
– Ported to 1.5.X

– Fixed Torch Gun firing even when item is not the Torch Gun.

PG Changelog:

– Fixed mod compatibility with changing texture packs.
– Fixed shooting portals through glass/iron fences making it go through blocks.
– Fixed placing chests on portals crashing and corrupting the world.
– Fixed death.moon messages.

Version Naming changes:

Now that I’m using runtime deobfuscation for some of my mods, Portalgun will have a change of version naming.

Old naming: <Minecraft version>v<Build number>

New naming: <Initial number>.<Major release>.<Minor release>

Initial Number: Changes everytime an update to minecraft breaks runtime deobfuscation. Resets Major/Minor Release Number.
Major Release: Changes everytime something mod breaking is done, eg new mod content or major change of mod structure.
Minor Release: Changes everytime some small fixes which does not break the mod are done.



PortalGun 1.5.0v2
– Fixed critical block placement/removal issue with causes it’s neighbours not to update.
– Fixed crashing when dying in a singleplayer hardcore world.
– Fixed NEI console spam.
– Renamed the Material Emancipation Grid to Grill.
– Attempted fix for player stuck in ground bug.
– Attempted mem leak patch.

GravityGun 1.5.0v2
– Fixed critical grabbing issue not updating surrounding blocks
– Attempted mem leak patching.


At this time, the primary links (Creeperrepo) are down, so use the mirror links first.

Gravity Gun, PortalGun and Trail Mix now requires a “shared library” mod dependency, iChun Util. iChun Util makes it easier for me to reference similar functions used by all three mods. Think of it of something like “CodeChickenCore”, except it isn’t a coremod.

Also, the 4 mentioned mods now use the new “Runtime Deobfuscation” method provided by FML/Forge. As Minecraft updates there should be no reason to update certain mods, unless things break, thanks to FML.

Unfortunately to allow this, the file size of a bunch of the mods may have increased slightly (heh, what’s 1 or 2 more extra mb nowadays anyways).

If any issues were to arise from runtime deobf, let me know immediately and I will see what I can do about it.



PortalGun 1.5.0v1
– Fixes here and there… Lost track of them.
– Fixed issue with addBlockIDToGrabList in API.
– Fixed crash issue with singing turrets.
– Weighted Cubes will not drop an item if broken by Creative Players
– Now requires iChun Util.
– Introduction of Hard Mode for PortalGun
– Added console print out when receiving invalid IMCMessage

GravityGun 1.5.0v1
– Fixed issue with addBlockIDToGrabList in API.
– Now requires iChun Util.

Trail Mix and DeathCounter 1.5.0v1
– Now requires iChun Util. (Trail Mix only)
– Ported to 1.5

Unknown to many, today (March 9) is actually Portal Gun’s 2nd birthday! Yep, it’s been two long years of this mod being available to the public, and of course, the various updates including content and fixes. Wow, how much it has grown since then. How much many things have changed since then, too.

Today marks a special milestone for the mod. You guys playing with portals today may notice a surprise on your wall portals. An easter egg has been put in on wall portals as a mark of another year passed, as well as to bring truth to “The cake is a lie!”.

In accordance to it’s birthday, I will also be introducing a half-baked idea (it’s not really “sciency”, I agree, but it was an idea, and I’m trying it out), called Portal Gun “Hard Mode” <–clickable. It’s a config option which makes getting a Portal Gun even harder. Some have even dubbed it “Greg mode”. Either way, this config will be included in PortalGun builds 1.5 onwards, and is very heavily subject to change. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Like I said, it doesn’t really fit the theme of the mod, and will probably change in the future.

Besides that, I will also be opening my mod pack perms on PortalGun and Gravity Gun, for Private FTB Packs. From today onwards, Private FTB Packs are allowed to include PortalGun and/or Gravity Gun as long as the FTB Team is permitted to use them. This however, means that if I were to revoke permissions from the FTB Team, it would immediately revoke them from all Private FTB Packs as well, and they will have to be removed. Thankfully, I don’t see that likely any time soon, enjoy it while it lasts!


Cheers, and Happy Birthday, Portal Gun!

– iChun

– Fixed crashing issue with packet payload too large (due to too many players :O )
– Fixed turrets targeting players who placed them although set not to. Turrets will have to be replaced.
– Fixed turretMode 3 not targeting hostile mobs.
– Fixed “floating portal” bug when portals are placed on floating sand.
– Increased raytrace of moon portal shooting to 500 blocks to decrease chance of “accidents”
– Added command option to clear moon portals onto existing clearPortals command.
– Added option to disallow command executers to be grabbed with the portal gun.

Portal Gun 1.4.7v4

– Fixed issue with backing up mod dat files.
– Fixed block grabbing whitelist not working.
– Fixed TileEntities that extend IInventory not dropping its contents when block entities fail to be placed.
– Fixed null bug in bullet entity.
– Fixed bullet entity going through blocks portals are on if freshly fired.
– Fixed accidental use of “getBlock” for recipe booleans.
– Fixed recipe for PortalGun and LFB not being added on dedicated servers.
– Fixed render of some items in creative survival inventory.
– Fixed crash due to users setting a negative range on moon portals (If you don’t want it to suck, put 0. Geez.)
– Moon Portals no longer pull entities if it is out of view (behind a block) and is unable to pull blocks.
– Turret AI overhaul, more focused on work done by the server to be told to the client rather than both having their own separate outcomes.
– Oracle Turrets no longer have lasers.
– Additional turret config options such as ignore owners, ignore invisible entities.
– Tweaked Turret Item.
– Turrets can now be dispensed out of dispensers if there is a non-air block below or two blocks below the dispenser face.
– Turrets not longer drop items if killed by a creative player.
– Changed bullet entity texture to look like streaks of light, more noticable than previous bullet texture.
– Allowed blocks which uses the chest render type (22) to be grabbed.
– Removed opening of Portal Spawner GUI when placed due to the item previously saving its configuration.
– Block entities which fall too far into the void will be killed.
– Block entities now respect block placement rules.


Gravity Gun 1.4.7v2

– Fixed block grabbing whitelist not working.
– Fixed TileEntities that extend IInventory not dropping its contents when block entities fail to be placed.
– Fixed being struck by lightning not upgrading the uncharged gravity gun.
– Allowed blocks which uses the chest render type (22) to be grabbed.
– Block entities which fall too far into the void will be killed.
– Block entities now respect block placement rules.


Trail Mix 1.4.7v4

– Added ID option for the trail mix effect. Change this to solve issues with ICBM’s Poison effect conflict.
– Adjusted mod packet sending.
– Fixed spazzy pigs swimming in water that have run out of trail mix.
– Optimized some of the nyan tunes to prevent lag when excess of nyan pigs are present.
– Slapped a try-catch as an attempted fix for the IndexOutOfBounds crash with too many trail mixed pigs.
– Glitchy pigs once the timer runs out should be fixed.
– Decreased fall damage of trail mixed pigs.
– Fixed NEI-ed launchers having INFINITE pig ammo, lagging the client to bits.
– You can now launch trail mixed pigs out of dispensers with armed launchers.