New Portal Gun model… A poll.

Might wanna click above to see the two in full view…


Anyways! Recently there was this.. well, post a while ago, asking if anyone wanted to help make a new model for portalgun. You can view that post here. So it somewhat turned into a competition. In the end, a couple of people finally decided on these last two candidates, mr_hazard|d95 and L5_ (sorry Kealani! We took note of your submission too, even though it was late!)

Above is a screenshot of what each of the models look like, hazard’s on the left, L5’s on the right.

For a live preview of the models, check out Techne Online here:

mr_hazard|d95’s Model                                                  L5_’s Model

(Note you can mouse scroll and right click in the window to look around)




Okay so… Now that you’ve looked at the models, maybe pick out a favourite, what we need now is your opinion! Which model do you like better? It is up to YOU to choose which model will be put into Portal Gun.

Vote here: Minecraft Forums


There you can decide on hazard’s, or L5’s, and with a twist, a mashup of the best of both models, hazard’s portal gun and L5’s pedestal.


Feel free to comment, make suggestions, etc, etc, below.

– iChun

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