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Hey all,

So, I ran a poll for a couple of days on Twitter, and it turns out most of you hadn’t even heard of Blocksteps. This isn’t primarily the reason why I’m discontinuing this mod, though.

Blocksteps was, you could say, an experiment. It was an experiment I did over a couple of livestreams, and people liked how it looked. Performance-wise, though, it didn’t run as well as it could, and the impact / benefit ratio of this was very high. I told those watching the livestream at the time this, but they voted for me to finish it off and release it as a mini-map.

All that, coupled with the fact that I don’t really have that much time anymore to even be working on my mods, I felt that it would be better if I spent the time I could be using to update this mod, to work on other mods of mine.

Blocksteps was a fun little an experiment and I learned loads from it, some of which I’ll actually be using for Portal Gun. If you’d like to peek at the code (or even update it yourself?), the source code can be found here.

But yeah, that’s it for now. Till my next mod, eh?



Okay, before I write the changelog for these mods, let me explain why it has taken this long to update them.

A long while back, I realised iChunUtil was a big mess of code and chose to rewrote it. However, because of its size, it took quite a while working on it and eventually I got burnt out working on it. I had a lot of plans for the rewrite, and then life gets in the way, and as a result, this rewrite is not 100% done. It is still missing quite a significant amount of code and the other mods updated today are the few mods that could be updated with what code was already in there.

Unfortunately I would have to say that life is, once again, getting in the way, so this will be my last update for 1.10.2 until January 2017. Don’t fret though, I will update my mods eventually. Time flies, so I’ll be back at it in no time.

Till next time though!




iChunUtil-dependent mods released for 1.10.2 or later: 7/22

All mods – 6.0.0
– Updated to MC 1.10.2
– Updated to conform to Forge’s new mod id requirements.
– Code cleanup

– Rewrote mod from scratch, with large code optimization and (hopefully) performance improvements.
– Improved management of many multi-mod functions.
– Improved version bounds to prevent accidental use of iChunUtil-dependent mods for other MC versions.

Guilt Trip
– Removed bossKills config as it is no longer possible to easily detect Boss Entities in MC.

Mob Amputation
– Fixed crashing when gibbing with Fishing Rods.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
– Improved memory use when multiple PiPs are present.

– Heavily optimized rendering code.


Better Than Bunnies – 1.1.0
– Brand new model, courtesy of RazzleberryFox.
– Brand new configs.
– Each bunny now will be randomly weighted for outfit parts. (Configurable)
– Each bunny will have a randomly allocated colour for their outfit.
– Bunny ears actually stick out of their hats now.

Ding – 1.0.1
– Update to conform to Forge’s new mod ID requirements
– Make use of Forge’s config getters which did not exist when the mod was created
– Error logging to the console if the mod cannot find the sound specified
– Fixed In-World Ding not working if playing on single player and the game pauses

Death Counter – 1.0.0, Limited Lives – 1.0.1
– Update to 1.11
– Update to conform to Forge’s new mod ID requirements
– General code cleanup

Googly Eyes Mod Page – Link

iChunUtil – 4.2.3
– Remove TheInfection from iChunUtil. It will be rewritten and readded properly in the future.

Morph – 0.9.3
– Fix hostileMode capping at 4, making option 5 unselectable
– Add /morph morph [player name] <entity name> command

Sync – 4.0.1
– Fix endless resync when dying to void damage/20+ damage in 6 seconds.
– Added config to reduce max health every death sync.

This will be the final updates to my mods for 1.7.10. All other mod updates/releases will be for 1.10.2 onwards.

Say hi to my 30th mod, Googly Eyes! (Yes, it does what you think it does)

I’m burning the midnight oil here to push out this release tonight, so for now it’s only available on Curse. <– Click to go.

I’ll upload it and post a proper page on it here when I can and I’ll edit this post.


– iChun

Heya you lot,

Ever since I started modding 5 years ago, Java 6 was choice of supported Java edition for Minecraft mods. This, unfortunately, caused some problems with Mac OSX users which were locked to using the version of Java which Apple provided, which, for some, was Java 5. Despite this, I’ve been trying to keep my mods compilable in Java 6 since I started.

Now at one point, I accidentally included a Java 7 function in one of my mods (my IDE did not warn me about it) and some people were crashing and it took me a bit to realise it was because of a Java 7 function.

Starting in Minecraft Forge for MC1.9+, Forge now informs the user if they’re using a version of Java lower than 8, as well as warns the player if any mods they’re using are on Java 8. Knowing this, I’ve finally made the decision to use Java 8 in my mods. Therefore, regardless of if you are a user of my mods or not, I’d like to recommend that you update to Java 8 if possible. Java 6 and 7 are no longer supported by Oracle and it would best for you, both security and performance-wise, to update to Java 8.

A little off topic, but I’ve been busy lately, but my mods which have not been updated to 1.8.9 will be skipping that and will be jumping to MC 1.9, possibly 1.9.4 instead.

That’ll be all for now